Stranger Danger

A conversation with a client recently got me thinking about what it means to hire a travel newborn photographer, like myself. Let me explain…

Upon arrival to my clients home I walked in and introduced myself as I always do. Her mom happened to be there, sitting on the couch holding the baby, and also helping with their 3-year-old while my client finished her hair and makeup. About halfway through the session, my client shared with me that when she was searching for a newborn photographer on Google and found me, her mom was a little leery. Inviting a random person that you found online into your home with your family, and letting them hold your BRAND NEW BABY. Posing them in all these crazy (but safe) positions…are you out of your mind?? After the session, her mom (a retired NICU nurse) said “You got so lucky to have found this photographer, this could have gone horribly wrong”. 


After doing this for over 5 years now, I sometimes forget how scary that can be from a client perspective, and I do not take lightly the amount of trust you must have in me, or any photographer for that matter. You’ve put your faith in me during the most vulnerable time of your life, and one of my main goals at every session is to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease (which usually starts with getting your toddler on my side, or swapping stories about our pregnancy/birth experiences). I could honestly write a whole book about the conversations and genuine connections I make with clients at their session! Maybe instead of a book, I’ll write another blog :)

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